Sports Massage,

Therapeutic & remedial massage

At TCP on a Saturday & Wednesday

Hello, I am a Sports Massage Therapist.

I am new here and enjoying getting to know the team and settling in my new role.

Call us to find out more about my introduction offer.

Working as a massage therapist for a wide variety of sports enthusiasts of all ages and all types of sports of different levels. And in the rest of my time I work as a Fire Fighter for the Local Fire Brigade. I am a keen runner and cyclist, I can help you with advise on exercise and stretching programmes.

I offer maintenance massages on a restorative and preventative basis for Muscle tension arisen from poor posture, feeling stressed and working long hours sitting at a desk, typing on a computer. That most of us need help with. And a massage to help you unwind.

Just call or pop in to meet us and we can let you know if we can help you.

Sports, Deep soft tissue & Restorative massage,  Saturday’s (all day) and Wednesday’s (Afternoon/Evening).