Suzanne Tugwell – Osteopath

Company Director & Registered Osteopath. Member of the General Osteopathic Council GOsC. The Institute of Osteopaths ( iO) & the Sutherland Society.

Trained at BSO-The British School of Osteopathy (now known as the University College of Osteopathy).

A Registered provider for BUPA.

Suzanne is the founder of The College Practice and is the practice principle. She graduated in 1990 from the British School of Osteopathy 30 years ago.

Suzanne is an Osteopath & Pilates rehab instructor  she is constantly keeping herself up to date attending continued professional development courses to extend her knowledge and skills in diagnosis and treatment. So whether it is recovery, recuperation or body maintenance., Suzanne can devise a treatment and exercise plan specifically designed to suit you.

During the 30 years, she has developed a wide experience in treating painful Knees, painful Shoulders, painful Ankles painful Elbows, painful wrists, Painful Hips including Painful backs! As a result of injury or whether you are keen on sports, pregnant,  or simply from sitting at a desk for all those working hours.

And always offers a full explanation as much as possible, sometimes using diagrams, images and models, to help you understand your painful joint(‘s) or muscles. To help you understand and be in control.

In 2000 Suzanne extended her skills when she qualified in Clinical Pilates for rehabilitation with Polestar Pilates.
Using a broad spectrum of osteopathic treatment/techniques, tailored to suit the individual’s needs, Suzanne assist patients with acute and chronic conditions. She sometimes combines her Osteopathic skills with Pilates (where appropriate), to offer rehabilitation to those with sports injuries, pre and post pregnancy  or who just want to learn how to build their core and improve overall strength and posture. Including those who need support and help to build their confidence to begin exercise again or for the first time.

Suzanne likes to offer her patients a comprehensive package of care, and because she is an experienced Osteopath with an interest in dance and sport, she understands the biomechanics and demands placed on an athletic body.
She has also had first hand experience with the aftermath of a serious road traffic incident, having spent 6-months recovering in hospital (3 months in a wheelchair) after an accident in her formative years, which took years from which to recover. Her experience has allowed her to help others with the trauma and frustration of such injuries and the rehabilitation required to get patients back on track.

Areas of Osteopathic experience and expertise:

  • Sports injury care and rehabilitation.
  • Cranial Osteopathy – for all ages.
  • Care and rehabilitation for dancers.
  • TMJ problems and working with orthodontic devices (inc. related face and jaw issues.
  • The care of road traffic incident patients and their associated problems.
  • American football – pitch side care.
  • Strapping techniques for injury. Expertise with -Painful knees, Painful Shoulders, Painful Ankles.
  • Pilates rehabilitation inc. the Pilates Reformer and Cadialac/Trapeze (combo chair).
  • Office ergonomic assessments – available upon request – to help you achieve an optimal position at your desk.
  • Care of the pregnant mother: helping to provide optimal space for the foetus during growth, an optimal pregnancy for mum and a safe, comfortable delivery. Together this helps Mum’s body to return to its’ natural alignment and strength after birth.
  • And had training in all the above, at the BSO, ESO, & many CPD courses, Sutherland Cranial Osteopathy and Polestar-(which was a course focused and tailored for Osteopaths & Physiotherapists).

Suzanne also offers Pregnancy massage with Osteo and gentle fit-ball exercises and movements, to aid support to your spine and pelvic mobility during your pregnancy and in preparation for your labour and delivery.